A new collection agency for certain songwriter royalties is being created as part of the MUSIC MODERNIZATION ACT, sweeping copyright reform legislation that the Nashville Songwriters Association International, Songwriters of North America (SONA) and the National Music Publishers Association envisioned and guided through Congress.  The new agency, we call a Music Licensing Collective, will help solve licensing problems in the digital era and work with streaming music services to ensure songwriters are accurately and efficiently paid.

Songwriters receive two kinds of royalties.  Performance royalties are paid to songwriters when they join a performing rights society, either ASCAP, BMI, GMR or SESAC.

Mechanical royalties are a different story.  Streaming companies must license millions of individual songs and no agency exists to do this job.   Music publishers may collect mechanical royalties for a songwriter or hire a company to collect them.  Many self-published songwriters must pay someone to collect their royalties, do the often-complicated job themselves, or many just don’t bother with collecting them at all.

The Music Licensing Collective, or MLC, will be a great new tool for American songwriters and in January 2021 will begin licensing your mechanical streaming royalties for FREE!  It’s free because the streaming companies agreed to pay all the costs as part of the MUSIC MODERNIZATION ACT.  All you’ll have to do is join!

The U.S. Copyright Office will choose who runs the MLC this Summer.  The Nashville Songwriters Association International (NSAI), Songwriters of North America (SONA) and the National Music Publishers Association (NMPA) helped passed the MUSIC MODERNIZATION ACT, working on the legislation for years.  We are asking for your support for the MLC being created by us. We KNOW we can do the best job when it comes to licensing your songs and protecting your royalties because we’ve been doing it for decades.


Our MLC Submission is already endorsed by:

NSAI Board of Directors: 

Steve Bogard (President), Rhett Akins, Tony Arata, Jim Beavers, Roger Brown, Jeff Cohen, Corey Crowder, Chris DeStefano, Beckie Foster, Nicolle Galyon, Ben Glover, Connie Harrington, Byron Hill, Brett James, Lee Miller, Tim Nichols, Gary Nicholson, Josh Osborne, Liz Rose, Rivers Rutherford, Jenn Schott, Anthony Smith, Caitlyn Smith, Bobby Tomberlin, Troy Verges,  Danny Wells and Jimmy Yeary.


SONA Board of Directors: 

Michelle Lewis (Executive Director), Kay Hanley (Executive Director), Shelly Peiken (Secretary), Brendan Okrent (Treasurer), Pam Sheyne, Adam Dorn, Michelle Featherstone, Adam Gorgoni, Jack Kugell.